Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'm an even bigger slacker than I thought...

Since I haven't posted in a REALLY LONG TIME, I figured I should put in a filler.

All is well in life. I've got a job in a medical research lab and it's pretty neat. But cells are tricky little buggers and you need to really keep a good eye on them. I'm trying to rescue a culture that was growing fine for a week and then had (seemingly) spontaneous cell death! Just need to learn the quirks of each, I suppose.

And as far as bioshock went...well I kind of didn't finish it. I know, I know, how could I not? But it was a borrowed game, and I had to give it back. Perhaps I'll purchase a copy and finally finish it.

BUT I now have Left 4 Dead, which has been a lot of fun to play with my sister. The sheer number of achievements makes it really addicting. Plus, the voice acting and script make it highly enjoyable just to play through and listen. Of course, we always put in our own comments like this:

The scene: Bill (the old guy) was just attacked badly and is losing health rapidly. I have a medkit and am attempting to heal him.


I chase him around the area. Every time I get close, he runs further away. Finally, I've had enough. And I scream.


I honestly have no idea why he was a dancing fool, but it seemed appropriate at the time.

But building on that, the game feels like an excellently paced action zombie slaughter movie. The AI director fits everything into a nicely paced hour, with heart pounding action as well as tense quiet moments. I have to say that if this were a movie, I would definitely watch it (and I'm not a fan of this genre).