Saturday, March 28, 2009

Flash fiction!

My oh my, I'm updating a lot.
Recently, a friend of mine issued a one-page prose challenge. I don't usually write, but I figured this would be a nice study break. I banged this out in 20 minutes or so. Perhaps not quality, but this was fun!

The Plumber
A one page prose piece that is simply meant as a piece of fanfic and is very sorry if it infringes upon anyone's rights so stop reading the subtitle and start reading the story!

The plumber raced on. Which was a bit odd, since a normal day involved lying still underneath sinks and the like. But, normal had gone out the window many years ago. Nowadays, it seemed like all he did was race around fields, pipes, dungeons, castles … constantly harassed by mushrooms and turtles. He knew those years of experimentation in college would come back to haunt him.
Up ahead were some floating boxes. The plumber had learned long ago to stop questioning why the boxes were floating. They just did. He jumped, banged his head on the box, and a coin appeared in his pocket. Years ago, he had wondered how this worked, but simply ended up with a worse headache. He was simply driven by the need to collect theses coins and reach the end.
Days were just so similar. Life was getting terribly boring. Run, stomp on mushrooms, kick turtle shells, eat mushrooms of questionable origin (since if this was a bad trip, one of these may snap him out of it). That was life, along with collecting coins. He fingered a few in his pocket contemplatively, wondering what his ultimate goal was. The plumber had been running for so long, he was beginning to forget why. Just then, he saw what had long symbolized the end! A flagpole loomed on the horizon. He put on an extra spurt of energy, seeing if he could leap over the pole, though he had failed many times before.
Airborne, he reached for the flag, knowing if he missed, his hands would throb for days on end. Catching the flag, he fell, landing gently in a perfected move. He marched on to the castle, hoping this one would be the correct one. Wait. What was he looking for? He had defeated that mutant turtle thing for a reason…maybe that friendly mushroom-hatted guy will mention it?
“Thank you, Mario! But our princess is in another castle!”

Thanks for reading! And check out my friend's blog at:

I never actually played this game. Is it really fanfic if I'm not a fan?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Personalized advertising? Maybe...

I glanced at the side of my Facebook page today. You know, the place where there are ads targeted towards you. Facebook is very specific since you can input all sorts of demographic information that the ad companies love. I enjoy trying to figure out why I'm being targeted by specific ads. It's what I do.

Here's today's:

Queen's Student Storage

Duh. Term's ending soon and we need to put our stuff somewhere.

Two Sketchy dating sites

Okay. So I'm single. Big whoop. It's not like I'm desperate enough to click on these links.

Furnished 5 bedroom homes. In Edmonton.

I live nowhere near Edmonton. WHY DO YOU WANT ME TO LIVE IN EDMONTON?

Classical Masterclasses

I played the violin once upon a time. I think it's still listed in interests.

Meh. According to my ads, I'm a Queen's student, desperately single, looking to move to Edmonton, and needing to improve my violin skills. Not terribly accurate.

You don't know me! And I intend to keep it that way.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

LOLZ! :-)

I pride myself on being a particularly articulate person. Apparently, I even enunciate when I swear. However, I must admit a certain seduction that lolspeak and l33t speak have with me. The ability to compress an emotion or action into a few simple characters is amazing. Some have even begun to pervade spoken language. I like lulz quite a bit. It conveys a somewhat sarcastic yet sincere emotion.
Using Stumbleupon, I came across a gem of a story told without words. I now retell it.

Samurai on the toilet
A Film by Takeshi Kitano

(>_<) (o_o) (0_0) (^_^) The End Copyright 1970
Just the thing to brighten my day. That and this cute picture of a hedgehog lolling.

Then I lol'd too.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

That's what makes the world go round

Reflecting on the past week, for every up there was nearly always a down.
I had two midterms in two days. However, I think I did fairly well on both.
I did not get the position I was seeking. However, some of my friends did and I can always try for another position for that same time period.
I lost my ipod in physics class. Perhaps some cosmic karma since I procrastinate with it so much.
However, I can always replace the ipod and didn't lose any music.
AND I am going to MONTREAL this weekend to see a dear friend of mine.
Awesome. I think Montreal outweighs all of this week's bummers. And there was al
Plus, I have finally resolved my housing situation for next year.
Life is good.

Yay Tiger Hugs! They make my day brighter