Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Star Wars!

So this past weekend, my housemate and I attempted to watch all of the Star Wars original trilogy. I managed to live tweet for Episode IV, but was unfortunately working through Episode V and we haven't finished Episode VI. But, here are my tweets for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope


Epic subtitles are epic.

Wait...there's an extra period at the end of epic titles. IT'S NOT A PROPER ELLIPSE!

"did you hear that?"

oh c-3po you're so paranoid. You're not doomed. You're just being invaded by the worst man in the galaxy.

R2D2 you rascal. Where are you?

TAKE HER AWAY! People should say that more often.

Oh. My. Gosh. My roommate and I have confirmed that I am C-3PO. WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT?

"All right, shut up, I'll take this one." That might happen to me.

noo artoo you're all alone!

reunited again!

No, i don't like you either. This may turn into a night of Threepio quotes

His father in him? DUN DUN DUN

I've been informed that that sounded dirty. It's not.

blast it r2, you're so rascally. Disappearing and whatnot. Trouble. Just trouble.

Luke: let's go look at danger. Come on! Me:Dumb.

and obi-wan comes to save the day! Oh alec guiness, you're so very good.

I want to be a jedi. I've never felt more connected to star wars than this very moment. =>I love my housemate.

Luke turns on the lightsaber. Obiwan does a bit of a dance going "omigod i just put an instrument of death into an idiot's hands."

The force: it's like duct tape.

"How am I going to explain this?" "Learn to use the Force." I now have the answer to everything.

No, the force may not conjure stolen data tapes. But it can choke you. PWND.

You don't need to see our identification. If only that worked in real life.

At the bar entrance, there are stairs. R2 cannot do stairs. He's freaking out silently.

Luke, you just got saved by a man who's getting "too old for these sort of things." Fail.

I don't like the added CGI Jabba scene. CG Jabba

Luke, stop pressing buttons that you don't understand! JUST STRAP YOURSELF IN AND STOP TOUCHING THINGS!

awesome monster chess! Lesson: Always let the wookie win.


Look! A small moon! Wait a second...that's no moon. DUN DUN DUN.

Just want to say, John Williams is the man. I love the music for Star Wars.

I prove my point with

Darth vader: "I've not felt this presence since..." and walks away. Attention span of a goldfish.

wait, why must you go alone obiwan? Because you're awesome. That's why.

luke, what's your grand plan. Do you even have a plan?

Waiting for the elevator. Always awkward.

Han: *tries to bs his way out of it* ah screw it, moar guns!


WAIT NO NOT HEADF- oh, nevermind.

BAD FEELINGS? OH NO! That can't be good for the Force.

Leia: officially the brains. Up until now, we've been relying on a pansy and a douche.

C3-P0, very smooth. Talking your way out of that without using the force.

Obi wan, you're so sneaky.

And he has a grappling hook. In his belt. Because that's what you carry around. Just in case.

CLOSE THE BLAST DOORS! Nowaitwaitopenthemopenthem!

Han: Didn't we just leave this party? Chewie: But I like parties...

Darth: I KILL YOU! (*swing*) waitasecond. Where did he go? WUT?

So, the Death Star is super powerful and super defended. You guys are off to go fight it. In snub fighters. Good luck.

R2, you must come back. Otherwise C-3PO will be bored! AND THAT WOULD BE A CALAMITY.

Luke: use the force! Trust your feelings! LISTEN TO THE VOICES IN YOUR HEAD!

It's away! Is it in? No? Just impacted on the surface? FFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUU-

NOO BIGGS! You're all...explodey. Crap. Now Luke's the only one left. LUKE LISTEN TO THE VOICES!

NOOO R2! you're on fire!

They're in range! Luke! HURRY UP.

As the torpedoes go in, the one lone tech left with monitoring the exhaust port is all, "WAIT DON'T FIRE THE DEATH ST-"

Award time! Ostentatious music FTW!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Well look at me getting up on my soapbox...

Sorry for two political posts in a row, but I had to share this.

Someone has been fired for saying bigoted anti-Islam remarks. No, it's not who you think, or perhaps hope it would be (cough, FOX, cough). See the full article at the BBC here.

Basically, a (previously) well respected NPR news analyst went on the O'Reilly Show and said that he got nervous if he saw obviously Muslim people on a plane. Juan Williams used to be all about non-discrimination and civil rights. But apparently only for African Americans. Not for everyone.

NPR, and I must say that I adore that organization, promptly ended his contract. One step in the right direction in ending the double standard that exists when it comes to Islam vs. any other minority.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Now, I'm not normally a political person. But I am a moral person. I feel that Don't Ask Don't Tell is immoral. Anyone, gay, straight, whatever should have the right to represent their country in whatever capacity they want. It works in other countries, why not the United States? The fact that not-straight people are in the military despite the hostile environment merely magnifies their commitment to their country.

The BBC had an excellent article profiling two U.S. servicemen who were expelled after being outed.

Please read. And think. And support the repeal of DADT.

Friday, October 8, 2010



Thanksgiving kind of snuck up on me this year. Everyone was talking about going home for Thanksgiving and I was just like, "Oh yeah, I should make plans." I didn't realize it was so early this year. I'm from the States, so I'm used to the end of November being Thanksgiving. In Canada, it's usually in the middle of October. It really threw me for a loop.

Anyways,  I now have a glorious long weekend to visit my grandparents and study for midterms. I'm just glad I was able to get bus tickets so close to the long weekend.

Oh, and my housemate has a tumblr, which I may cameo on occasionally. It's a more frequent account of the antics my house gets up to. See it here.

Also, I have a twitter here. Just the random thoughts that occasionally go through my head. Finally caved to peer pressure and my Film Studies class.

Off to eat copious amounts of food, brb.