Friday, December 31, 2010


Well what do you know, we made it another year. It's been stressed, exciting, wonderful, and just plain old fun.

Christmas was awesome. I got some excellent geeky items of clothing:

On a tshirt. I'm wearing it right now.
And I also got a most excellent apron:

I'll be baking up a storm while wearing this.

Finally, my sis got me an enormous bag of Swedish fish. YUM.

Here's my present to everyone: My favorite chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe! I couldn't find a pic of the ones I've made because they disappear before I even get the camera out.

Anne’s Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies 

• 1 cup butter or margarine
• 1/2 cup white sugar
• 1 cup packed brown sugar
• 1 tsp. salt
• 2 tsp. vanilla
• 2 eggs
• 2 1/2 cups flour
• 1/2 tsp. baking soda
• 2 cups chocolate chips (or
chocolate chunks)
• Music that makes you want to

1. Preheat oven to 350°. 
2. Crank up the music and dance around the kitchen gathering ingredients.
3. In a mixing bowl, combine the butter with both sugars; cream together with a big
wooden spoon until light and fluffy. 
4. Add the salt, vanilla, and eggs. Beat until well mixed. 
5. Add flour and baking soda; mix until just combined. 
6. Stir in the chocolate chips. For even better results, chop up your favourite chocolate bar
instead of using chocolate chips – dark, milk, or white; with or without nuts or toffee.
7. Drop heaping tablespoon-size balls of dough about 2 inches apart on baking sheets lined
with parchment paper.
8. Bake until cookies are golden around the edges, but still soft in the center, 8 to 10
9. Remove from oven, and let cool on baking sheet 1 to 2 minutes. Transfer to a wire rack,
and let cool completely – or don’t! They’re even better warm.
10. Serve with a tall glass of milk or a steaming mug of tea or hot chocolate. 

*Makes about 3 dozen       By: Anne Blayney

Have a happy new year and I'll see you on the flip side.

"Here's to the new year...may she be a damn sight better than the old one..." - Col. Sherman T. Potter, M*A*S*H

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I...I survived? What?

Now I'm home with my family and completely content.

It's nice to be back.

I went to bed with this face.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A small interlude

I just loaded the dishwasher and have discovered a few things in my sink that should not be there.

1. Several tea bags. Since we don't have a garbage disposal, they should probably go into the trash.

2. Two (soggy) cookies. Failed experiments from weekend procrastination. Again, either eat them or put them in the trash, not in the sink.

3. A piece of broken glass. I don't know what it broke from since none of the other glasses were broken. Mystery.

4. A moldy piece of...something. Zucchini, maybe? Either way, we're either discovering the next penicillin or we're going to die from a mysterious spore-based disease. Or MRSA. Take your pick.

5. The sink traps are covered in unidentifiable things. I think I saw one move. 

If I don't die from exams, my sink is going to kill me.

If only my sink looked like this...

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Guys, exams are kind of kicking me where it hurts. This video sums up how I feel.

I'll see you on Thursday if I survive.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cabbage medul!

It's finals time, so I am now frienemies with the internet. I need it to download course work. But then, there's this eeeeeeeviiiiill thing called youtube.

Anyways, I really like this one guy on youtube called criken2. He makes funny machinimas. Personally, I like "Romanquest," a Grand Theft Auto IV recording, quite a lot. But, he recently uploaded "Metro 2033: Criken's Quest for Cabbage." And it's awesome.

Just what I needed, another awesome distraction. Thanks, criken!

Now I destroy many other people's productivity. Go me!

Beware the seenging paipes.