Friday, February 18, 2011

I did it.

I made the red velvet cake.


I also remembered to take pictures before it was devoured!
Cream cheese icing. Yum.

It sat there a few days barely touched (which had me slightly worried) and then BOOM. It disappeared. I think everyone was working up the nerve to tackle it.


You may have noticed that it's a bit pink. Funny story.
I had all the ingredients except for the red food coloring. Just, you know, the iconic part of the red velvet cake. So I ran out to Food Basics. No food coloring, period. Same story at the Shoppers Drug Mart down the road. I finally take the trek all the way out to Loblaws and they are COMPLETELY out of red food coloring. Both by itself and in the little 4-pack of colors. All that's left are the NEON colors.

So I grab the neon colors and purchase them. Once I'm home, I open them up and test a drop of the red in some milk. It turns NEON RED. So red it necessitates capital letters.

But, beggars can't be choosers. I whip up the rest of the cake and the time comes to add the food coloring. I finally throw in only a quarter of the recommended amount of food coloring and make up the rest in vegetable oil.

I'm quite happy with the result. A bit more Valentines-y than the deep red.

I still have leftover cream cheese icing and will make cupcakes since I'm now prepping for reading week and need to use it up.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

That day with all the red associated with it is coming up...

Hearts. Yeah, that sounds about right. Valentine's Day. 'Tis soon. And I've created a new mission for myself.


With cream cheese frosting. Completely made from scratch.


A test cake shall be made this weekend since the paper I'm currently procrastinating on will be handed in.


I found my Valentine's Day cards. Courtesy of Johnny Wander's John, who kind of embodies my internal monologue.

Upper and bottom right, especially.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It snowed. This is my day so far.

And there was still class.

The other college in Kingston was closed.


Woke up, shoveled 6 inches of snow from my steps/walk. Trudged my way to class on the road since the sidewalks weren't cleared yet. At 11 in the morning.

Class happened. Nothing special to report.

It's still snowing.

I looked out the window of my last class. Decided to bus it home.

I love Kingston transit. It's warm. And free. And right in front of my house.

Thank you bus driver who drove me home.

I am warm now. My housemate booked me a massage/mani later today.

Before anyone gets ideas, I want the mani to help me stop biting my nails. My health and safety is at stake since I regularly handle things that can kill me in the chem labs.

How I feel now.