Sunday, December 28, 2008


So, if you read this regularly (highly unlikely), then you've noticed my absence over the past week or so. This is because my computer broke. Fortunately, it was still under warranty (go Apple) and I got it fixed for free. Unfortunately, it meant that I only erratically scanned the internet and never posted. But, with my computer fixed and the Christmas glut over, that means that...I probably won't post until the new year. Just making sure you (all, but given that readership is well nigh nonexistent) know that I am still alive and well. And my computer is all better too. HAPPINESS!!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

XKCD...Does it even need a post?

So, XKCD is one of the web's hottest nerdy webcomics. It has nerdy humor that is funny, even if you don't quite get it. Or, it's just extremely dry and hilarious.
Randall Munroe is a smart and funny guy and it shows in his numerous references that only those into the sciences will get. If you haven't already seen it, head over to:
Here's a little thing I made inspired by this comic:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Girl Genius

Okay, part 2 of the webcomic extravaganza!
Girl Genius is a gaslamp fantasy set in an alternate Victorian era with Adventure, romance, and MAD SCIENCE! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!
Written and drawn by Phil and Kaja Foglio, Girl Genius is an excellent webcomic with ridiculously engaging stories (I stayed up till 4 in the morning the first night I read it) and great characters.
The titular Girl Genius is Agatha Heterodyne, originally a struggling student turned into potential savior of their world when the Other comes back.
Plus, there's some wayward clanks, constructs, princes, barons, lost princesses, and many more to keep you engaged and entertained as you read.
Find it at:

Monday, December 15, 2008

There's No Place Like Home...Now Check out Dominic Deegan!

Yay, I'm finally home and can chill a little bit. Finals kicked my butt a little, but that's all behind me now.
Anyways, I realized after checking out my webcomics folder tab thing that I read a lot of them. nd I keep on finding more. So, I figure I'll do a semi-regular webcomic review series. Most are fairly well-known and don't need my not-read blog to do a plug for them. Others are fledgling and are still awesome and deserve every plug they get.
So, let's start with the very first webcomic I read. Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire. This webcomic by the esteemed Mookie updates 5 times a week (used to be more, but hey, take what you can. I think 5 times is amazing). The titular hero is a grumpy seer who is constantly saving the world from necromancers, infernomancers, Chaos, Order, demons, and other baddies. Smartly written with a penchant for bad puns, Dominic Deegan is an excellent introduction to the awesomeness of webcomics.
Find it at:

Friday, December 12, 2008

So close, I can taste it...

Tomorrow, I finish my final exam of the term and can officially put on my engineering jacket. For those who don't know, the leather jacket of Queen's engineers (aka the Golden Party Armor/GPA) is a symbol of our pride in our faculty and a bit of a scrapbook for our time at Queen's. Now commonly dyed gentian purple, its yellow leather has been a symbol of Queen's engineers for years. We slam it with pride.
But, my ultimate exam is Computers. And I'm taking it without the aid of a computer. WHY?!?!?!
Because apparently the problems come up with different answers, depending on who is at the keyboard.
So now I memorize useless algorithms for spreadsheets and this little piece of hell called Maple (which, depending on its mood, either grudgingly does your formula or gets stuck in an infinite loop, freezing your computer).
But tomorrow, I will be done and good riddance.

Hell in a box.
In the meantime, I found this wonderful clip of Bert and Ernie gangsta rapping.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Eye of the Storm

So, it's the middle of finals season and I am posting to my blog instead of studying. But, I figure I've earned it after taking (and hopefully passing) geology and chemistry finals. I must say that I am glad to be done geology. It's fascinating and interesting and the prof was amazing, but I just can't dig rocks (ah ha. Get it? Right. Moving on.)
I feel like I'm in the eye of the storm of finals. The worst is past and more is yet to come. I am oddly peaceful and un-stressed, unlike my fellow floormates. I haven't gone to the library to study, opting instead for the semi-peace of my floor and ambient music. Should I be stressed? Maybe. A bit of stress is what gets me actually doing something productive. I guess this is why I have on my wall a list of things to do, a constant reminder of the things I should be doing.
And what do you know, the next thing on the list is study calculus.
Well, it was fun, but now is the time to meet my fate face to face. Onward, ho! (Not that kind of ho, you pervs)

Work work least I have a calculator. So much for small blessings, eh?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So you think you can dance?

Returning to my habit of finding weird and wonderful creatures, I would like to introduce you to the manakin bird. My particular favorite is this fellow.

Wonderful, eh?
This manakin bird can and does moonwalk as part of its mating rituals. In very 70s yellow trousers as the witty Stephen Fry opined.
On a side note, he said that on QI, a wonderful British "game" show that never fails to amuse me.
Anyways, the manakin bird is found in southern Mexico and in some parts of South America. It comes in many species and I think our funny fellow in the yellow trousers is a red capped manakin.
Once more, I marvel at how awesome and wonderful nature is.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Ah, Friday. The end of the school week always comes most gloriously. My first week sans midterms was pretty awesome, with a distinct and awesome lack of homework due in the next few days. This weekend is mine to chill in. No school.
Oh, who am I kidding?
I just know that that one chem problem will bug me.
Or I will probably want to start my project early.
I am such a keener. Sometimes, that's not so awesome.
So, I will make it a point to try to keep real work to a minimum. Go out have a good time and overall relax. My body and mind will thank me.
Stress is a terrible thing. Relaxation is a wonderful thing. Everyone should have a way to relax.
And relax I shall until finals.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Little joys are the best

Today was a good day. While it was insanely cold after a beautiful past week, the sky was still blue. I got actual work done. Which isn't getting done now since I'm currently composing this blog post. But whatever.
I derived a lot of happiness from just little mundane things I did today. I vacuumed my room and did my laundry. Mundane, huh? But I really like the feel of freshly-vacuumed carpet and the lovely warmth of clothes that the temperamental dryer actually decided to dry this time. I worked on a lab for geology, a class in which I enjoy the lectures but loathe the labs. But I savored the quiet of the library, with only the occasional rustle of papers and zip of the backpack.
By the way, isn't the zipping sound of the backpack the most annoying thing when it's dead silent?
Oh, and I learned that one of my favorite sayings, "meh" just got added to the Collins English Dictionary. The dictionary defines "meh" as an expression of indifference or boredom, or an adjective meaning mediocre or boring. Examples given by the dictionary include "the Canadian election was so meh." It became popular after a Simpsons episode. Crazy.
But I digress.
Get out and enjoy life. Or stay in and enjoy life. Just enjoy life, eh?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

In the beginning...

So here I am. Published on the interwebs with not much more than random strange musings on life that don't fit into regular conversation to offer.
I suppose the title of the blog is worth some explanation. Or at least it will give me something to post. I needed a name for the blog and was drawing an absolute blank. I wanted something unique that someone would need to click on to understand. Myxomycota does somewhat resemble a Superman villain (something picked up from wikipedia, not from actually reading the comics), but it is nothing more than the phylum that contains one of the most amazing things that exists on our earth; Slime molds.
I was absolutely obsessed with slime molds in middle school, even going so far as to do an entire project proposal on slime molds. I can't even remember what the purpose of my proposed project was. All I remember is that I needed space heaters to encourage them to move their tiny purple butts.
But anyway, slime molds are absolutely gorgeous. When you hear (or more probably if you're here, read) the words "slime mold" you probably imagine something like this.
And you would be entirely correct. Above is the aptly named "Dog's Vomit" slime mold.
But, slime molds come in all shapes and sizes. These photos were found at

Isn't nature beautiful?