Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just taking it easy

Sorry for the lack of updates. Midterms snuck up on me and then my Grandmother had to go to the hospital. One interesting thing I saw while visiting her was how international it felt compared to my school's campus. There was a Russian man across from her, a British woman diagonally, and probably a Chinese patient next to her. I'm lucky if I meet one non-Canadian a month (myself notwithstanding) on campus. And it was amusing listening to the British woman berate the nurses. She complained and complained...then fell asleep. Then woke up to complain some more. And the nurses (neither of which spoke English as a first language) just took it calmly. I suppose that just makes it even funnier.
Currently, I'm on break for reading week, so I'm just having some lazy days. Maybe I'll bake a bit. Yesterday, I had my first ever job interview, which was pretty exciting. It seemed to go pretty well. The lab I met were all pretty cool and working on neat projects. Here's hoping.
Oh, and I was ridiculously excited when I saw that Quantum Leap is finally airing on TV again as reruns! I absolutely love that show. Time travel and Scott Bakula with a witty Dean Stockwell thrown in? Awesome. Plus, the ridiculous "future clothes" Stockwell is dressed in as well as his jello block handset just amuse me even further. Check it out on DVD. It hasn't made its way onto the internets as of yet, to my sadness.

Hilarity awaits with these two. Really.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I admit it...

I am a trekkie. I love Star Trek in all of its various forms. While I have yet to attend a convention, it is one of my life's goals. I've watched nearly every single episode of all of the series. I have yet to watch all of the movies, but a friend who has the opposite situation has kindly offered to remedy this. I read the books and even own an Original Series technical manual. I haven't read that, but it has a pattern for Original Series uniforms. I think I see a halloween costume in that.
Recently, I have been on a kick of watching fanfilms. High quality stuff, too. I started out watching Star Trek: New Voyages. Then, not satisfied with having to wait for the next episode to come onto the internets, I moved on to the cast-made Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. Upon finishing that, I am now watching Star Trek: Hidden Frontier. Excellent stuff and the perfect procrastination tool.
Star Trek is one of my few obsessions and I love it. Now that I have made my fandom clear, I suppose it's time to say farewell to the blog and on to actual work...
Nah. I think I'll just watch some Star Trek.
Live long and prosper.