Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Something we can all take to heart

This comic is amazing.
Oh, xkcd, you crack up the scientist in me.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to school for real this time

Ok, so tomorrow is actually my first day of classes. My schedule's pretty killer with 4 lab courses within a total of 7 courses. I'm in class/lab for over 30 hours every week. Oddly enough, I'm pretty excited to be back in school. I think summer was wonderful, but school has its place in my heart as well.
These past few days were frosh week here at uni and I played a special role in them. I was a "plant" in a frosh group, an upper year pretending to be a frosh in order to make sure the frosh were comfortable and having fun. It was a blast to pretend to be a froshie, but it made me realize how much I have changed since I was a frosh last year. I feel much older and wiser and am glad to pass on my little tidbits of knowledge to my frosh group. All the frosh I met were nervous but happy to be at university, and I tried to add just a little more enthusiasm to all the frosh I met. It was a great time.
Here's hoping everything starts well.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back to school!

So, this upcoming week is Frosh week at University, then it's back to school. My schedule is pretty killer (4 labs, ugh) but I am still pretty pumped. All the froshies are moving in and I'm all moved into my new place, so things are pretty awesome.
One thing that's not as awesome is the fact that I lack internet in my new place and will lack it until the 14th of this month. The void in my life is surprising. I didn't realize that the internet was such an integral part of my day. However, this has had a nice side effect, being that I have been spending more time with my friends and going out to experience the world. I went rock climbing, saw a movie (The Final Destination IN 3-D!) and just had fun. Oh, and the movie was fun, but silly. My friend wanted to see me scared and he just got "mildly disgusted."
Just stealing internets from campus for now.
Plus, now I have a valid excuse for not posting more often.
This comic pretty much sums it up.
Peace and love.