Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Two blogposts in one day? This is madness!

And it's definitely not Sparta.
Anyways, I found something that must be shared.
The Muppets sing Bohemian Rhapsody.

Muppets + Bohemian Rhapsody = AWESOME

A Day in the Life...

I'm very sorry that I haven't been posting more often. To give you an idea why, here's a typical day in the life of an Engineering Chemistry student.

7:30 AM (or really, 1 hour before my first class, no matter what time): Alarm sounds. Wake up!
7:35 AM: Mute alarm. Snooze for another 10 minutes
7:45 AM: Shower, grab a quick 5 minute breakfast
8:30 AM - 5:30 PM: Lectures/Labs. If not in either one of those, eating Lunch/reading for class
5:30PM-6:30PM: Post-school doldrums. Completely unproductive while snacking/watching TV
6:30PM-7:30PM: Theoretically: Homework-first wave
Actually: Procrastination while thinking "I should be doing homework."
7:30PM-8:30PM: Dinner! A perfectly good excuse to not be working on schoolwork.
8:30PM-???: Doing homework/labs. Start off with things due next week and get a decent beginning. When nearing the ??? mark, realize "OH CRAP THIS IS DUE TOMORROW" and quickly hammer something out (usually finishing something you started last week or studying for a quiz that you completely forgot about)
???-7:30 AM(or one hour before first class)

And the cycle repeats.
As you can see my day consists of eating, sleeping, and schoolwork/procrastination.
I am feeling pretty tired since ??? fluctuates between from before midnight to 2 in the morningf. But then, I get into science-mode and sciencey stuff appears in my labs (and I end up getting good grades). My friend put it this way:

"You are a computer. Usually functionally retarded, but feed enough crap into you and stuff happens"

In the meantime, enjoy this xkcd comic about scientists.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Photocomics (because I am too lazy to come up with a clever title)

I recently found two webcomics that I really enjoy. What separates them from my regular list of comics is that they are not drawn, they are comprised of photographs.
The first, Surviving the World is a daily dose of common and uncommon wisdom. Straight from the Fred Paulson Institute in Wincheck City, Pennsylvania, Dante Shepard shares his musings on life and answers questions from readers.

Lesson #482 - The Walk of Shame

The other one I found is a German photocomic called Union of Heroes which follows the adventures of Marc, who was just a regular guy in our world. Now, he has been pulled to an alternate universe to replace his double, the superhero Erzengel (archangel). Plus, there's a girl who is always dying for someone else and a madman who thinks he's Ares, the God of War. With some nifty special effects, Union of Heroes does a fine job of creating an alternate universe where superheroes exist.

The Erzengel!

So yeah, you should check them out.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Christopher Walken is awesome.

Here he is reading "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga on the Jonathan Ross Show. It's amazing.