Thursday, February 5, 2009

I admit it...

I am a trekkie. I love Star Trek in all of its various forms. While I have yet to attend a convention, it is one of my life's goals. I've watched nearly every single episode of all of the series. I have yet to watch all of the movies, but a friend who has the opposite situation has kindly offered to remedy this. I read the books and even own an Original Series technical manual. I haven't read that, but it has a pattern for Original Series uniforms. I think I see a halloween costume in that.
Recently, I have been on a kick of watching fanfilms. High quality stuff, too. I started out watching Star Trek: New Voyages. Then, not satisfied with having to wait for the next episode to come onto the internets, I moved on to the cast-made Star Trek: Of Gods and Men. Upon finishing that, I am now watching Star Trek: Hidden Frontier. Excellent stuff and the perfect procrastination tool.
Star Trek is one of my few obsessions and I love it. Now that I have made my fandom clear, I suppose it's time to say farewell to the blog and on to actual work...
Nah. I think I'll just watch some Star Trek.
Live long and prosper.

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