Saturday, February 20, 2010

Musings in transit

I am currently sitting in the airport waiting for my final flight departure. This particular airport is quite nice and clean with light classical music playing. A most agreeable atmosphere to wait in. It's also great for people watching. You see families with small children, surly teens, young couples, old couples, and the gamut of stations in life. It's a small drama at every turn. See the young mother with a small child race for their plane. See the military man coming home with a spring in his step.

Another excellent people watching place is the subway. Yesterday, I spent an hour on the subway since I'm not familiar with the bus system and would thus get lost trying to find the connecting stops. It was fascinating. Everyone rides the subway. The tweens who think they're so cool in their trendy clothes. The old hobo who is riding for warmth. The businessman coming home from a long day at work. And everyone avoids meeting each other's eyes. As if acknowledging the existence of a fellow human would somehow be intrusive or wrong. Carefully staring into an empty patch of space. Surrounded by people and yet completely alone. I'm no sociologist or psychologist, but it's an interesting look into at least Western social mores.

Well, that's enough philosophical musings for today. Now watch Mr. Stephen Fry (who always brings me joy) as he trips over his own tongue to the amusement of all.

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