Saturday, November 15, 2008

In the beginning...

So here I am. Published on the interwebs with not much more than random strange musings on life that don't fit into regular conversation to offer.
I suppose the title of the blog is worth some explanation. Or at least it will give me something to post. I needed a name for the blog and was drawing an absolute blank. I wanted something unique that someone would need to click on to understand. Myxomycota does somewhat resemble a Superman villain (something picked up from wikipedia, not from actually reading the comics), but it is nothing more than the phylum that contains one of the most amazing things that exists on our earth; Slime molds.
I was absolutely obsessed with slime molds in middle school, even going so far as to do an entire project proposal on slime molds. I can't even remember what the purpose of my proposed project was. All I remember is that I needed space heaters to encourage them to move their tiny purple butts.
But anyway, slime molds are absolutely gorgeous. When you hear (or more probably if you're here, read) the words "slime mold" you probably imagine something like this.
And you would be entirely correct. Above is the aptly named "Dog's Vomit" slime mold.
But, slime molds come in all shapes and sizes. These photos were found at

Isn't nature beautiful?

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  1. oh ec. I first typed out your full name, but then I remembered that this being the interwebs, that would be a bad idea, which is why I am Alix d'Laire on my lovely pieceofcrap rantation. I'm obsessed with xkcd, incidentally.

    I love you.