Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Eh, procrastination...

So, it's my first week of REAL class. The classes I was most worried about are snoozefests (linear algebra, I'm looking at YOU) and given my average last term, I am in a decidedly relaxed mood. Can't be too relaxed though and just give up breathing (watch Serenity, an awesome fan-propelled movie to get that). So, I thus procrastinate by blogging (who reads this, anyway?) and using the stumbleupon toolbar.
Stumbleupon. Whoever invented it is a mad genius. I have spent way too much time clicking on the innocent little button when I should have been doing real work. But, (vaguely) constructive things have come from it, such as this duct tape rose!

Neat, huh? Yes, a wonderful procrastination tool. Maybe I'll eventually make enough for a bouquet. Downside is that they smell like, well, duct tape. Shocking.
I also re-established my outright nerdity this past week. I'm already a real nerd for reading so many webcomics, but I correctly identified several things that a casual nerd would not catch.
Number one: I correctly identified the fact that "'I love you.' 'I know.'" is said twice in the Star Wars movies by Han and Leia, once in ESB and, with roles reversed, in ROJ.
Number two: Though I didn't identify the quote, I recognized the training exercise discussed in a ST:Wrath of Khan quote: the Kobayashi Maru, unwinnable unless you mess with the coding.
Earned bonus nerd points for both.

"He's dead, Jim."- Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy. Also a favorite quote of my friend Daniel.

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