Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Decision time!

Wow, it's kind of hard to believe that I'm 1/4 finished my second term. I don't feel like I've learned very much, yet I feel that I have so much to do!
Group projects are a new thing this term. One of my projects is to design an anode for electrolytic reduction in order to stabilize a condenser retrieved from the USS Monitor. Kind of epic, eh? We're basically de-crapifying it using the gas bubbles generated plus removing ions that could react and make the metal disintegrate.

The condenser. With all of its glorious crap.

A pretty cool project, if I may say so myself. It could actually affect something in the real world! It's not just theory!
But, I now stand at the brink of making a decision that will affect the rest of my schooling. What to specialize in?
It's confession time. I'm a lab rat. A consummate lab rat. You know how analysis happens instantly on TV, like on CSI? Well, it takes hours of analysis and much down time. And I actually like that. I know. I'm a freak.
So, I'm leaning towards Engineering Chemistry. Instead of figuring out how to make old goo faster, I make new and exciting goo! Everyone says it is extremely hard, but I think I'm up to the challenge.
Well, fingers crossed that I make the right decision. Now, I'm making another good one. I'll stop blogging and do some research and actual work. Go me.
On a side note, happy year of the Ox!

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