Thursday, March 5, 2009

That's what makes the world go round

Reflecting on the past week, for every up there was nearly always a down.
I had two midterms in two days. However, I think I did fairly well on both.
I did not get the position I was seeking. However, some of my friends did and I can always try for another position for that same time period.
I lost my ipod in physics class. Perhaps some cosmic karma since I procrastinate with it so much.
However, I can always replace the ipod and didn't lose any music.
AND I am going to MONTREAL this weekend to see a dear friend of mine.
Awesome. I think Montreal outweighs all of this week's bummers. And there was al
Plus, I have finally resolved my housing situation for next year.
Life is good.

Yay Tiger Hugs! They make my day brighter

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