Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Walrus of Skepticism

So, I'm finished all of my classes in my first year of university. Holy crap, I'm nearly 1/4 done my entire university career. O.O
Anyway, I was in my last couple of classes for the day and the profs all finish early. That said, I must let you, dear reader, know that I doodle constantly. Nearly every page of notes has at least one doodle on it. Once the profs finished, the doodles began to flow.
I drew everything my imagination could think of and a few things that compensated for some of my lack in artistic talent. My doodles grew and mutated. Looking over my notes for exams will be a trip down memory lane, since most of my best ones have funny memories associated with them.
One fellow who popped up recently but became a recurring figure in my doodles is the Walrus of Skepticism. First drawn in Calculus, he has become my response to anything bewildering or silly.
Other times in Calculus, I have drawn a random person and my friends insist it resembles our prof in various situations. A young man with a jewfro? Jonker in the 80's. A salty sea captain? If Jonker hadn't followed his career counselor's advice.
Doodles are a wonderful way to break up the monotony of class. Even if you don't have too much artistic talent, draw anyway! For a while, I was drawing stick figures and trying to give them personalities with as few accessories as possible.
So, go draw! Now!

Really, who needs power series? Not the Walrus of Skepticism!

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