Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My secret indulgence...

is fashion. Though you wouldn't guess from the way I dress (jeans, sweatshirt, t-shirt, running shoes, etc.). My guilty pleasures are watching What Not to Wear on TLC and looking at the photo spreads on Yahoo!'s OMG! (so! many! exclamation marks!!!!!!)
That said, I just like looking, I'm not really planning on incorporating any of the fashion do's and don'ts into my everyday wardrobe. I simply like passing judgement. Oh, and What Not to Wear has governed some of my work clothes choices.
The reason I bring this up is that I feel the need to put my $0.02 out into the internet. There are a few fashions that I cannot stand seeing on otherwise pretty women.
1. Booties
They cut off your leg. They make your feet look like hooves. You are not a horse. You are a proud member of homo sapiens, thank you very much.

Ms. Sharapova is very pretty in her dress until her feet transform into hooves.

2. Jumpsuits
It's very easy. Instant coordination, no? JUST PUT THE EFFORT INTO FINDING PANTS AND A SHIRT. It creates weird lines.

Amber Rose, please leave something to the imagination.

Now, admittedly, there can be classy jumpsuits, like Jessica Simpson's.

But, still.

Aaah why did I post it again?!?

3. Crocs
I don't mind crocs. If you find them comfortable, by all means, wear them around the house or in the garden. If you're on your feet at work and are behind a counter, then go for it.
And if you must wear them out in town, please, just get them in non-neon colors. I really want to see your face, not have my eyes dragged to the neon monstrosities on your feet.

None of these colors are allowed. MY EYES! THEY BURN!

That is all. For now.

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