Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Your mom's a transformer

Whenever I need internet and am not at home, I take out my laptop and it scans for wifi networks. Most names are pretty mundane like "BELL645" or the always present "linksys." Sometimes people get slightly creative and name their network "____family network" or "Ladybug." Sometimes people insult other people like "u suck balls kyle." Then, there are the ones so awesome/bizarre that they required real inspiration.
Near my house I have "Your mom's a transformer" and "Raptors." I have also seen "Spaceship." On the internet, people have told of networks called "Gryffindor Tower" (password? Check your HP books!) or "Your_Mom" (that's what she said!). Kind of makes me want to change my network to something equally awesome.

In other news, I really wish mother nature would make up her mind. I was all ready for the cold weather to come with new boots and gloves. It was near freezing outside. Then suddenly the weather turned around and turned into balmy 60 degree Fahrenheit with a light breeze and sunshine. I didn't even need a jacket. MAKE UP YOUR MIND PLEASE!
Ok, time to stop procrastinating on my mountain of work and actually do it.

And because I cannot resist another David Caruso-esque one-liner, I bring to you from XKCD...


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