Sunday, November 8, 2009

Photocomics (because I am too lazy to come up with a clever title)

I recently found two webcomics that I really enjoy. What separates them from my regular list of comics is that they are not drawn, they are comprised of photographs.
The first, Surviving the World is a daily dose of common and uncommon wisdom. Straight from the Fred Paulson Institute in Wincheck City, Pennsylvania, Dante Shepard shares his musings on life and answers questions from readers.

Lesson #482 - The Walk of Shame

The other one I found is a German photocomic called Union of Heroes which follows the adventures of Marc, who was just a regular guy in our world. Now, he has been pulled to an alternate universe to replace his double, the superhero Erzengel (archangel). Plus, there's a girl who is always dying for someone else and a madman who thinks he's Ares, the God of War. With some nifty special effects, Union of Heroes does a fine job of creating an alternate universe where superheroes exist.

The Erzengel!

So yeah, you should check them out.

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