Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My secret's been discovered!

So, I was working on a project in a group when the following text conversation took place between myself and my lovely housemate K:

K: It goes "a new hope" "the empire strikes back" and then "return of the jedi right?
Me: Yep. Planning another marathon?
K: Naw just wanted to sound intelligent in front of my nerd friends. thanks!
Me: I'm glad I'm your go-to person for nerdiness.
K: .... and culinary schenanigans.
Me: Haha, that too. We must do that again.
K: Aaaaaargh. sometimes i wonder if your the witch from hanzel and gretel trying to fatten us up.
Me: Nooo my secret's been discovered!

When I start making the house look like this, be very worried.

Image source here.

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  1. EL, OH EL! i am soo sorry you deal with me on a daily basis.