Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A small interlude

I just loaded the dishwasher and have discovered a few things in my sink that should not be there.

1. Several tea bags. Since we don't have a garbage disposal, they should probably go into the trash.

2. Two (soggy) cookies. Failed experiments from weekend procrastination. Again, either eat them or put them in the trash, not in the sink.

3. A piece of broken glass. I don't know what it broke from since none of the other glasses were broken. Mystery.

4. A moldy piece of...something. Zucchini, maybe? Either way, we're either discovering the next penicillin or we're going to die from a mysterious spore-based disease. Or MRSA. Take your pick.

5. The sink traps are covered in unidentifiable things. I think I saw one move. 

If I don't die from exams, my sink is going to kill me.

If only my sink looked like this...

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