Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Eye of the Storm

So, it's the middle of finals season and I am posting to my blog instead of studying. But, I figure I've earned it after taking (and hopefully passing) geology and chemistry finals. I must say that I am glad to be done geology. It's fascinating and interesting and the prof was amazing, but I just can't dig rocks (ah ha. Get it? Right. Moving on.)
I feel like I'm in the eye of the storm of finals. The worst is past and more is yet to come. I am oddly peaceful and un-stressed, unlike my fellow floormates. I haven't gone to the library to study, opting instead for the semi-peace of my floor and ambient music. Should I be stressed? Maybe. A bit of stress is what gets me actually doing something productive. I guess this is why I have on my wall a list of things to do, a constant reminder of the things I should be doing.
And what do you know, the next thing on the list is study calculus.
Well, it was fun, but now is the time to meet my fate face to face. Onward, ho! (Not that kind of ho, you pervs)

Work work least I have a calculator. So much for small blessings, eh?

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