Monday, January 11, 2010


So, first post of the New Decade! Some musings I had since Christmas...

I'm repeating what everyone is wondering when I ask, what was last decade called? The aughts? I'm leaning towards that one since I think it makes us sound smarter.

Even with a full keyboard to text with, it is still possible to text something you didn't want to, a woe many T9 users have gone through. With fat fingers, it is possible to type "anything" as "anythong." Silly QWERTY.

You know what's awful? Planning a road trip with rest stops, mentally readying oneself for relief, then finding the rest stop you were expecting closed. It is agonizing. You're just ready to go and suddenly must hold it for another 30 miles. Then, fate gives you a final "screw you" by having you run into every red light/delayed green possible.

Finally, I still need to see Avatar. I'll probably post a brief review once I've seen it, but I'll try something new and predict what the review will say.

The story is unoriginal (think Pocahontas in space) and the acting is meh. But the visuals? OMGWTFBBQ! It's worth it to go just to absorb the world that has been created for your entertainment.

We will see...

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